A Beginner's Guide to Keeping a Pet Frog


Frogs are common in nearly all corners of the world, from the tropics to subarctic regions, but are most commonly found in tropical rainforests. They are not found in places in the far north, or in places like the Sahara. There are roughly 4,800 different recorded species of frog.

With so many types of frog, it is no surprise that there is great diversity. Most of the differences between frogs depends on where the frog calls home—whether in the trees, in the water, on the ground, or a combination of the three. For instance, tree frogs have special pads on their toes to help them stick to plants and trees, water-dwellers have special ways of breathing so they can gather oxygen from the water, and ground-dwellers can have special toes to help them dig burrows. With so many frogs, how do you choose?

Pet Frog Species

It is important for you to choose the right frog when you are starting out as a pet frog owner. Some frogs are easier to care for, offering a better experience for beginners. By starting out with a low maintenance frog, you can enjoy the pet for years to come.

Good Frog Cages

When you are selecting a cage for your pet frog, you have to consider the environment that it would have in the wild. Each species of frog will have specific needs that must be met in order to remain healthy. By matching the habitat to the frog species, you will create the best environment possible.

Feeding a Pet Frog

Feeding your pet frog doesn't have to be complicated, or difficult. Pet stores provide many options, and allow for a varied diet no matter what type of food your frog requires. Many frogs eat live food—including crickets or worms—but not all do. It's important to learn what your frog needs.

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